Dear young friends from all over the world,

We hope you are doing well! A warm welcome to Wuxi Institute of Technology for beginning your study tour in China. The college is one of the first batches of Demonstrative National Higher Vocational Colleges in China. Since 2012, it has pioneered the development of the four-year higher vocational undergraduate education for cultivating skilled technical talents at the undergraduate level. The college was also awarded an outstanding higher vocational college in Jiangsu Province, and an A-grade and High-level National Higher Vocational College, occupying the third place in the competitiveness ranking of higher vocational colleges in China.

The college started to enrol international students from 2014. Up till now, over 2,100 international students from more than 60 countries and regions have come to study in the college, of which 80% is from countries along with the “Belt and Road” Initiative and participated in international talent cultivation programs such as transnational staged study, college-enterprise cooperation, and switching from college to university. As of July 2021, four batches of international students had graduated from the college, of which 56% goes to universities for undergraduate studies, 26% finds jobs in Chinese-funded companies that go global, and 22% gets employed in companies of their country of origin. More than 1,000 international students made academic achievements and accumulated overseas learning experiences in the college.

The college boasts first-class teachers and leading teaching and training equipment of vocational education in China and 11 multi-functional, open and shared practical teaching bases. More than 70% of the courses are compatible with the common international vocational qualifications, which is able to support your academic development globally.

The college also organizes a variety of activities to build bridges for international students to have a deep understanding of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province and China in the new era. We hope to be your good friends for living and studying in China.

We hope that in the near future, you will be able to stroll around the beautiful campus, enjoy your studies, and appreciate the beauty of China in the college.

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