College Application

Q: How to apply for studying in Wuxi Institute of Technology? (Application requirements, application materials, application procedures)

A: Please see the admission guide for details:


Q: What is the website for online application?

A: Please apply through the International Student Service Platform of Wuxi Institute of Technology at https://wxit.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx


Q: Can degree seeking students apply for scholarship?

A: At present, eligible international students can either apply for the Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship, or scholarships awarded annually by the college such as academic excellence scholarship and HSK scholarship.


Q: Can international students who have already studied in Chinese universities transfer to Wuxi Institute of Technology?

A: The college does not accept students’ applications for transferring at this time.


Q: Can I apply for the college during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A: Yes, students whose applications are approved can study online first, and come to the college to study once restrictions are lifted.


Academic Study

Q: What level of Chinese language proficiency do students attending preparatory Chinese language course need?

A: Various types of classes are available for students attending preparatory Chinese language course. Students who have no knowledge of Chinese language or have not reached HSK Level 4 can also apply for the college.


Q: How to assign classes? How many students does each class have?

A: International students will be interviewed when they are admitted to the college, and teachers will assign them into classes according to their level. Generally, each class has not more than 30 students.


Q: Are core courses for degree seeking students taught in Chinese or in English?

A: Core courses are generally taught in Chinese.


Q: Do the requirements for graduation include a vocational qualification certificate?

A: For details, please refer to the specific talent cultivation programs of different majors. Teachers for core courses generally recommend that students obtain 1-2 vocational qualification certificates, but it is not mandatory for graduation.



Q: How to apply for scholarship?

A: Please check the website at



Q: Where will the list of scholarship winners be published?

A: Please check the website of the International Students Office of Wuxi Institute of Technology, and we will keep it updated.


Q: I applied online for the Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students, and can I still modify it, remove it, or reapply?

A: Please contact relevant teacher in the office to delete the previous one in the system and reapply.


Q: Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

A: Please contact relevant teacher in the office to delete the previous one in the system and reapply.


Q: If I dont get a scholarship, will I be admitted to the college as a self-funded student?

A: If no scholarship is awarded, the school will contact the students to see whether they agree to be transferred to self-funded students.



Q: Where can I seek medical care if I feel sick?

A: The nearest hospital to the college is Wuxi No.2 Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can also choose Wuxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital or Wuxi Peoples Hospital.


Q: Are there any holidays such as Christmas?

A: During an academic year, students generally have the following holidays: New Years Day, Winter Vacation (Spring Festival), Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Summer Vacation, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.


Q: Are there any shopping malls and supermarkets near the college to buy food and stuff?

A: There are three large shopping malls such as Joy City, Mixc and Coastal City near the college for students to buy food and stuff.


Q: What is the consumption password of the campus card?

A: The consumption password is needed when money-transferring or consumption with the campus card exceeds a certain amount. The consumption password of the campus card is the last six digits of your passport number. If the last digit of your passport number is an English letter, the consumption password is the previous last six digits excluding the English letter. The consumption password can be modified on the self-service machine or the campus card center.


Q: What extracurricular activities do international students have?

A: The International Students Office organizes various cultural and sports activities, visits and excursions for international students during their spare time. Relevant information will be posted on the notice board section of the International Students Office website. Other schools and departments also organize various activities, and international students are welcome to join. Please check the notice of relevant schools and departments and actively participate.

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