I. Registration Procedure

(I) International students should go through the registration procedures at the School of International Education of Wuxi Institute of Technology with the Admission Notice, JW202 form and passport within the specified time. Phone number: 0510-81838701. The leave of absence shall not exceed 2 weeks. Late registration without asking for a leave will be regarded as voluntarily give up admission qualification.

(II) Passport, Admission Notice, Form JW202, health certificate (valid for 6 months) must be submitted when registering. Registration Form for Foreign Scholars and International Students of Wuxi Institue of Technology shall be filled in. One piece of 2-inch half-length frontal bareheaded photo shall be provided.

II. Notes

(I) Self-financed students should pay the registration fee, and miscellaneous fees (including tuition, accommodation, books, and insurance) for the academic year within the specified time for registration. Those who delay the registration for any reason should pay all fees within one month from the start of the semester (for the specific time and place, please refer to the admission schedule of the year).

(IIInternational students who apply from abroad (more than 6 months) should fill in the Residence Permit Application Form for Foreign Nationals, submit 3 pieces of 2-inch half-length bareheaded photos, and apply for a residence permit for foreigners (public security organs will charge relevant fees). International students who was transferred from other domestic colleges and institues and already have a residence permit should fill in the Application Form for Change of Visa Certificate of Foreign Nationals.


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