I. Way of Payment

(I) Pay through Wechat

1. Log into the online registration system of Wuxi Institute of Technology: https://wxit.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx to complete the online registration. Registration fee: 500 yuan.

2. Follow official Wechat Account “无锡职院云财务(gh_7cb622ac89f8)

3. Click business handling

4. Select online payment

5. Enter username and password ( both are student number)

6. Click log in

7. Select the item to be paid and click Pay

(II) Bank transfer

1. For offline bank or online bank remittance, you need to pay the registration fee and upload the remittance certificate in the application system when you apply online.

2. Account information

Beneficiary: Wuxi Institute of Technology

Beneficiary Bank Account No.: 10655001040218634

Beneficiary Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Limited, Binhu Sub-branch, Wuxi

II. Notes

(I) The registration fee is non-refundable once paid

(II) Self-financed students should pay the registration fee, miscellaneous fees(including tuition, accommodation fee, books and insurance) of the current academic year within the specified time. Those who delay registration for some reason should pay all fees within one month from the start of the semester (for specific time and place, please refer to the admission schedule).


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