I. Directions

For students plan to study in Wuxi Institute of Technology, according to relevant regulations, each student must purchase the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China. You need to pay by yourself according to the tips and tutorials of the insurance company when you register at the beginning of the academic year. The insurance fee is 600 yuan per year. If you do not purchase insurance as required, you will not be able to complete your student registration.

According to the insurance claims regulations, your outpatient medical expenses can be reimbursed after accumulating a certain amount. For more information about the insurance project team for studying in China, you can refer to the Precautions for Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China.

Clik to know more: Wuxi region-600.pdf

II. Insurance Claims

(I) When you go to the hospital, remember to bring your student card, a copy of your passport and your insurance card. Tell the hospital that you have insurance and they may know how to help you.

(II) Keep your treatment records (medical card), detailed expense slips and invoices, examination reports and laboratory treatment test reports. They will be useful.

Claims Process: Insurance Claim Process.pdf

(III) If you have any questions, please call 95511 (Ping An Insurance Company of China) to get information such as medical guidance and explanation of claims.


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