WXIT International students attended the event themed “Yue Du Jiangsu”


On May 18-19th, the event with theme “Yue Du Jiangsu” was held in Zhenjiang. The event was sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, co-organized by Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Association Foreign Students Education Management Research Committee, and hosted by Jiangsu University. More than 130 international students from 31 countries and 19 universities participated in the event. The International students of WXIT was led by Luo Shanshan, the teacher from school of international education,  participated in the activity.


During the two-day event, the international students visited Jurong Modern Agriculture Exhibition Hall, Baisha standardized farmland, and AI ecological farm. Students learned how the authority of Jurong used local natural resources to realize agricultural modernization. In the reading night activity, Professor Ren Xiaofei, dean of the School of Literature of Jiangsu University, explained the Farming Culture in Tang Poetry and led international students to explore the charm of ancient Chinese poetry and farming culture. Besides, Wang Limin, professor of Jiangsu University, gave lectures on tea culture to the international students. The international students went to Jiangsu Tea Expo Garden to experience the whole process of tea picking, tea making and tea tasting. During the event, students explored Chinese cultural with reading and have a better understanding of Chinese customs.


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