WXIT Held 2024 Chinese Language Learning Workshop for International Students


As spring breeze came into campus, WXIT school of international education held the first Chinese Learning Workshop for international students on April 16. The first event was themed Chinese poetry of spring in which more than 50 international students were interested in and participated.

The language workshop is called Chinese Corner which is a Mandarin  language learning platform for international students in WXIT. The first theme of workshop was about the season of spring in China, which covered the topics of 24 solar terms, Chinese poetry of spring as well as traditional costume. Chinese people like flying kites during the season of spring, and the participants were encouraged to draw patterns on their kites, then flied their own kites. During the event, students also took part in the Chinese ancient peom reading. 

The deputy director Xu Qing were invited to the workshop. He reviewed international students reading and helped them to understand Chinese poems better. In the last set of activity, students shared their V-logs of the spring trip and exchanged their learning.

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