The leaders of of China-Indonesia Cultural Exchanging Association Visited WXIT


On May 23, Liu Dongsheng, Gong Hao, Liu Yepeng and other leaders of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office of the China-Indonesia Cultural and Educational Exchange Association visited Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT). Zhang Xiaoming, the dean of School of International Education and vice dean Jiang Hongcheng welcomed the visitors and participated in the meeting.


Zhang Xiaoming, the dean from school of international education first  welcomed the visitors and introduced the development of International Education of Wuxi Institute of Technology. Then, Director Liu Dongsheng introduced the China-Indonesia Cultural and Educational Exchange Association: The association is a non-governmental organization jointly organized by representatives of oversea Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises in Indonesia, and it was approved by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. The association is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, and has a Foreign Affairs Office in Beijing, China.


In the meeting, Director Liu proposed cooperation intentions in four aspects, including the construction of Zhenghe College overseas, the export of vocational education standards as well as curriculum standards, and the holding of international conferences. The Dean Zhang Xiaoming had preliminary communication with Director Liu on cooperation matters, and the two sides initially reached consensus. We will strengthen the communication and make a good foundation for further development between China and Indonesia in the future. 

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