The School of International Education Participates in Colorful Season Sunshine Psychodrama


The Mental Health Center of Wuxi Institute of Technology held an event with the theme on Autumn·Meet with You in Colorful Season in order to improve scientific development of mental health services of the Institute, and help students maintain a positive and rational attitude to life and a peaceful state of mind. The School of International Education actively organized international students to take part in the event, with an aim to guide students to maintain mental health, stimulate their enthusiasm for life, and enliven atmosphere of study and life. Lin Shenlong, international student of the School of International Education, participated in the psychological drama filmed by the Ireland School under the guidance of Luo Shanshan, Chinese language teacher and mental-health counselor.


With the name of Sea Spray, the psychological drama focuses on hot issues in real life and confusion of college students. This drama shows inner struggles and entanglements of the protagonist in school life and study from the perspective of the first person. It depicts discomforts of a freshman during school life and focuses on problems in social networking. By combining multiple scenes, time periods and characters, the psychological drama aims to reflect real campus environment and internal psychological conflicts and growth of protagonist through different scenes. In the drama, the protagonist becomes increasingly adaptive to the environment and sees more interaction with classmates as time goes by. After gradually opening his heart, the protagonist finally returns to normal life as he learns how to regulate inner emotions, alleviate anxiety on social networking, keep in communication with parents and live in harmony with classmates. The short drama played by Chinese and international students reflects life of college students in modern times, and displays real process of overcoming worries and fears over college life confronting a freshman. At the end of the drama, both Chinese and international students express their common expectations for the future.


In the colorful autumn of 2022, the School of International Education actively participated in the production of psychological drama video competition. Through the filming of psychological drama, we endeavor to guide international students to pay attention to themselves, care for others, cultivate sound personalities and cherish their life. We wish our students could actively deal with pressure and achieve harmony in interpersonal interaction, life, study and love relationship, so as to build a more dynamic, warm and sound campus atmosphere, in which students could have a marvellous youth with a positive attitude.

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