The School of International Education Participates in the “Colorful Season: Looking for the Most Beautiful Smiling Faces” Photo Contest


In order to promote scientific development of mental health services, enrich mental health activities for international students, and display their sound mental outlook, the School of International Education participated in the “Colorful Season: Looking for the Most Beautiful Smiling Faces” Photo Contest held by the Mental Health Center of Wuxi Institute of Technology with a photo of Lin Shenlong, an international student of the School.


As the most beautiful language in the world, smiling can not only invigorate people, but also convey friendly messages to others and improve people-to-people relationship. The contest collects a photo of international student wearing bright smile, which is the most beautiful landscape on campus. The photo of the international student conveys such messages: “I have been in China for three years, during which the School of International Education moves to current site. The new building is beautiful and the little lion is cute. I hope to learn more here in the future but I wish to have less homework.” Over the past three years, international students studying here have witnessed developments of the Institute and the School. Messages behind the photo display his simple and pure character, as well as deep love for the School of International Education.


When you stand on the bridge viewing the sight, you’re beheld by the viewer from height. Bright smiles are like flowers that never wither, and may unconsciously bring warmth to and exert impact on others. Although the activity shows a few photos of smiling faces of our students, it contributes to the most beautiful scenery on campus.


These photographs help encapsulate valuable moments and record fascinating stories. The event enriches campus life of international students and improves their mental health with positive energy.

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