Announcement of the List of Winners of 2021 Government Scholarships to Outstanding International Student in Jiangsu All departments:


All departments:

In accordance with Measures on the Administration of Government Scholarships to Foreign Students in Jiangsu SCJ (2019) NO.94, after studentsapplication, recommendation of secondary branch, pre-examination of School of International Education, reexamination of students' affairs office and review of the college review board, we decide to select AIDA SABILLLA(4080206201), JOSEPH DEVIN(9999206102) as the winners of Government Scholarships to Outstanding International Student in Jiangsu. Now we announce the review results of the two students including AIDA SABILLLA and the notice period is 5 working days.

If you have any question about the winners during the notice period, please report to the School of International Education. Tel: 81838701.


Wuxi Institute of Technology

School of International Education

December 15, 2021

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