Notice of Teaching and Research Section of Chinese as a Foreign Language Participating in Training of International Chinese Language Education


2021 International Chinese Language Education Week will be held from December 11 to 20, sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and Chinese Plus and jointly co-sponsored by 17 institutions such as Communication University of China, Beijing Language and Culture University and Communication University of China.

To improve the professional ability of the team of Chinese teachers for foreigners, better service the Belt and RoadInitiative and work hard to promote the educational concept of Chinese + vocational skills, the Teaching and Research Section decides to participate in the series of teaching activities such as the Education Week on December 13 (Monday) 14:00 and carry out vocational training on topics like Curriculum Resources Construction, Teaching Staff Constructionand New Teaching Model. All teachers are requested to attend on time.

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Teaching and Research Section of Chinese as a Foreign Language

December 10, 2021

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