Announcement of Selecting Our School Students to Participate in Online Training Program of Indonesia Trisakti Education Group


.Project information

Purchaser: Wuxi Institute of Technology (School of International Education)

Project name: Selecting Our School Students to Participate in Online Training Program of Overseas Colleges

Instructions on services to be purchased: Shaped by the epidemic, the project of students participating in overseas training program on site is postponed. To expand the students’ international vision, now we carry out the students’ online training course together with overseas college although during the virus epidemic, students fail to go abroad to participate in the training program with the partner colleges and feel the multi-culture, they can still improve their humanistic quality and international level through online exchange.

Budget of services to be purchased: RMB 98,000

Reasons and explanation of using single source procurement: Our school has signed a cooperative agreement with Indonesia Trisakti Education Group (Trisakti School of Transportation, Trisakti School of Tourism) since 2017, which plans the joint training of overseas students, teachers training and students exchange between the two parties. In accordance with the requirements of the agreement and the double high-standard tasks of our school, this year, our school and Indonesia Trisakti Education Group will carry out the students training project.

II. Supplier’s information

Name: Indonesia Trisakti Education Group

Address: Kampus C trisakti, Gedung C, JI. Jend. A.Yani Kav.85, Jakarta 13210

III. Term of publicity

From October 26, 2021 to November 01, 2021

IV. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Li

Phone number: 0510-81838702

Mailing address: NO. 1600 West Gaolang Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province


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