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WXIT held a conference on the work of studying abroad in China and a deployment meeting for the review work of on-site quality certification

On the morning of August 6th, WXIT held a conference on the work of studying abroad in China and a deployment meeting for the review work of on-site quality certification. The leader of WXIT, Wu Huiyuan, attended and delivered a speech, and the heads of administrative departments and various secondary colleges involved in international student management attended the conference.

In the conference, the College of International Education reported the preliminary work and development status of the accreditation of the education of international students in WXIT, and explained the background, significance, accreditation index system of the accreditation work, the decomposition of the tasks of the on-site review of this re-accreditation and the work schedule.

Vice President Wu Huiyuan put forward three requirements for the management work of studying abroad in China and on-site review. Firstly, we should strengthen the political stance. The management work of studying abroad in China should be based on serving the national diplomatic situation, the “Belt and Road” initiative and the regional economic and social development, and we should fully recognize its important role in the development of “Double High Plan” (High-level Vocational Schools and Professional Construction Plans with Chinese characteristics) and the establishment of vocational undergraduate education. Secondly, participation in the quality certification is an important opportunity for WXIT to improve the management and service level, which is related to the healthy development of WXIT’s work on studying abroad in China. All departments should concentrate their efforts, strengthen their collaboration, and organize and implement the preparatory work for the on-site review. Thirdly, we should adhere to the evaluation for construction, make good communication and optimization for the feedback problems in the process of welcoming the evaluation and on-site review, further improve the working system, further enhance the teaching quality of international students, and strengthen the standardization of management. Fourthly, it is emphasized that all relevant departments should unify their thoughts, raise awareness and attach great importance to the quality accreditation of higher education for international students. We should take the initiative, collaborate and cooperate, divide the work clearly, put the responsibilities into practice, and push forward the work solidly in accordance with the schedule.

The administrative departments of the Party Academy Office, Regulations Office, Academic Affairs Office, Human Resources Office, Quality Control Department, Students’ Affairs Office, Finance Department, and relevant secondary colleges attended the conference.

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