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WXIT has achieved good results in the 9th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

From July 29th to August 1st, Vocational Education Track Final of Jiangsu Province Selection Competition of the 9th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which was also 2023 Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Jiangsu Province came to an end in Yangzhou. After fierce competition, WXIT won 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 5 third prizes, as well as the Outstanding Organization Award and the Best Creativity Award of Higher Vocational Group.

The project “Golden Armor - Pioneer of Intelligent Breeding of Chinese Mitten Soft Shell Crab” jointly submitted by Open Source College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, College of Internet of Things Technology and College of Finance and Economics, and the project “Jieman Technology - Development and Market Application of High-end Thermoplastic Degradable Polyester Rubber” jointly submitted by Open Source College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and College of Management were awarded the first prize. Among them, the project “Golden Armor” entered the quarterfinals with the second place in the group, and was finally awarded the “Best Creativity Award” in the higher vocational group of the competition, which made the record of the best achievement since WXIT participated in the competition. The projects of “Yunchuang Information Control - Leader of Full Environmental Adaptation Service for Autonomous and Controllable Information System”, “Boron-doped Diamond BDD Electrode Opening Epoch-making Revolution in Wastewater Purification Industry”, and “Weiling Think Tank - Leader of Intelligent Warehousing in Full Scenarios” won the second prize. Five projects won the third prize, including “Creating Education - the first national primary and secondary school vocational experience and creativity education service provider”.

WXIT has always attached importance to the deep integration of education of professional knowledge and innovation and entrepreneurship, and actively promotes the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education throughout the whole process of talent cultivation. Since the preparation for this competition was launched in October 2022, all functional departments have carefully participated in the preparation, and secondary colleges have taken part, with resources of all parties jointly assisting. Expert consultants have provided in-depth counseling, and the quality of the projects has been continuously optimized and improved. Finally excellent results were achieved, which showed the youthful spirit of “I dare to break through and I can create” of students of vocational schools in Wuxi.

A total of 215 vocational colleges and institutes, 81,749 teams and 304,900 people have registered for the competition this year. Selected by the Education Bureau of each district and institutions in Wuxi, and evaluated by more than a hundred experts, finally a total of 95 projects in the entrepreneurial group, 165 projects in the creative group, 69 projects in the innovative enlightenment group and 76 projects in the practical enlightenment group advanced to the provincial finals.

WXIT will take this competition as an opportunity to fully summarize the experience, continue to focus on the cultivation and incubation of key projects, and adhere to the principle of promoting learning, teaching, and creation by competition. WXIT will also constantly improve the comprehensive quality and innovation and entrepreneurship abilities of students, in order to build a high-level vocational and technical institute.

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