WXIT Wins the “Jiangsu Province Advanced Group for International Students Education” for the Fifth Time

The 2022 Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Education Management of International Students of Jiangsu Higher Education Institute was held in Nantong from March 23 to 25. WXIT won the 2022 “Jiangsu Province Advanced Group for International Students Education”. Two teachers of WXIT won “Jiangsu Province Advanced Individual for International Students Education” and “Jiangsu Province Excellent International Students Counselor” respectively with consent of Jiangsu Education Department upon approval and review of the standing council of the Conference.


In recent years, WXIT has developed the cultivation of international students to its full potential through higher vocational education accreditation for international students in China by the Ministry of Education. Efforts have been made to provide better education for international students, showcasing our strength in international education. We’ve built a system to ensure quality education provided for international students through improving quality of teaching, intercultural competence of teachers, management of international students, development of clubs as well as supporting hardware and software resources. Apart from that, we have been continuously improving admission and cultivation management mechanism and taking concrete actions to improve cultivation quality of international talent. Moreover, we have been focusing on national and regional development and cultivated many international talent in response to BRII and Go Out policy as some graduates of WXIT work in Chinese enterprises with foreign businesses.


In 2022, WXIT was awarded the first batch of Jiangsu Province Advanced Unit for Management of External Affairs. The major of industrial robotics was successfully selected as outstanding major of Jiangsu Universities in cultivation of international talent during the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan. The admission website for international students was awarded the “Outstanding Admission Website for International Students among Jiangsu Universities”. One Chinese language teacher won the second prize of the “International Students Teaching Competition among Jiangsu Universities”.


In 2023, the School of International Education will forge ahead to write a new chapter and strive to seek development in international students education. We’ll think in big-picture terms and maintain determination to promote and improve our work, so as to build a new pattern of high-quality development of international students in WXIT.

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