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Meeting on Quality Certification for Overseas Students Held

In order to thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the Opinions of the Ministry of Education and Other Eight Departments on Accelerating and Expanding the Opening of Education in the New Era, Higher Education Quality Specification for International Students in China (Trial) and other documents, and coordinate and promote the quality certification for international students, at the beginning of the semester, the institute held the Precision Deployment Meeting on Quality Certification for Overseas Students in Conference Room F201 of the Comprehensive Building. Gong Fanghong, secretary of the institute's party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The principals of 12 functional departments, leaders from 8 international student training colleges, and international education colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiong Ying, Dean of the School of International Education.

Gong Fanghong pointed out in his speech that improving the quality and efficiency of higher education for international students in China is a requirement for the connotative development of higher education and an important part of the institute's internationalization. Education quality certification for international students in China is an important task during the institute's double high construction and the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It is of great significance to accelerate the implementation of the institute's internationalization strategy. It is necessary to take this certification work as an opportunity to promote construction through evaluation, facilitate reform through evaluation, improve management through evaluation, and achieve improvement through evaluation. We will further improve the top-level design in our work, highlight the characteristics of international cooperation and academic advantages; innovate and condense the new development concept. We will continue to improve the governance system and improve the linkage working mechanism. Quality assurance system will be strengthened so as to build our distinctive strength and make the international student training an important part of the high-quality development of the institute. Secretary Gong requested that all departments of the institute and relevant colleges should unify their thinking to form consensus, plan scientifically, and to do task distribution reasonably and improve accountability mechanism. Concerted efforts should be made to fully prepare the certification materials and welcome the inspection team of experts to ensure that the institute passes the certification.

After the speech, Professor Xiong Ying made an accreditation work guidance report, introducing the relevant requirements for carrying out the work, and from the background of accreditation, accreditation rules, indicator system and the specific task allocation of certification work. The Implementation Plan on Certification Work for International Students has been interpreted in detail, and the current progress of the certification work has been notified.

The quality certification of higher education for international students in China is a qualification evaluation work entrusted by the Ministry of Education and carried out by the China Education International Exchange Association, a third-party evaluation agency. The overall arrangement of the quality certification for international students in China has four stages: training, self-assessment and self-correction, self-assessment review and on-site review, and rectification and improvement. At present, works on the application review, certification index decomposition have been completed. In the next stage, the submission of self-assessment materials and the visit of the expert group to the institute will be successively promoted.

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