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The Summer Chinese Language Training Program for Teachers at Daxin Vocational and Technical College of Thailand Successfully Concluded

In order to actively respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative, improve the internationalization level of school education, and solidly promote the establishment of SinoThai Rayong Mechanical and Electrical College, the teaching team of School of International Education at Wuxi Institute of Technology carried out a variety of online training programs of Chinese language proficiency improvement for full-time teachers of Daxin Vocational and Technical College in Thailand during the summer vacation.

Through consultations with the Thai side, the two sides jointly designed a set of training programs to meet the daily needs of Chinese language conversation and application of Thai teachers, and selected teachers with teaching experience to teach in a bilingual mode. Selected as the teaching content, the quality course “Chinese Culture Overview” for international students in Jiangsu Province with supplementary course of the basic spoken Chinese made the teaching process both practical and interesting. During the course, the students carefully learned Chinese knowledge and deeply understood the splendid Chinese culture, which makes the online classroom a bridge connecting the technical and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand.

Previously, Daxin Vocational and Technical College of Thailand has sent students to participate in our offline and online short-term exchange and learning for three consecutive years. Thai students have learned more about China and Wuxi Institute of Technology by learning Chinese language, participating in cultural courses, and experiencing intelligent manufacturing technology, which lays a solid foundation for gradually carrying out cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, machinery, mechanical and electrical majors, serving Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand, enhancing SinoThai production capacity cooperation, and cultivating technical talent suitable for the development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

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