WXIT Launched the Building of National High-level Higher Vocational Institutes and Disciplines and Made Plans for the 14th Five-Year-Plan Period

Top 10 Events of WXIT in 2020


1.WXIT Launched the Building of National High-level Higher Vocational Institutes and Disciplines and Made Plans for the 14th Five-Year-Plan Period

WXIT insisted on research first, earnestly studied the requirements of relevant documents of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Jiangsu Department of Education and other relevant departments, completed the project plan for the building of national high-level higher vocational institutes and disciplines with high quality, and officially launched the project. Under its guidance, WXIT's comprehensive strength has been further improved, ranking fourth in the country in the 2020 China Higher Vocational College Competitiveness Rankings, and ranking the first in the first tier of the comprehensive assessment of local colleges and universities (high-level group) in 2019. WXIT established the 14th Five-Year Leading Group, which determined the development orientation of Party Building Leading, Double High Orientation, Quality Improvement and Shared Development, and a solid plan for WXIT's work during the period. WXIT also successfully completed a new round of recruitment and appointment of faculty and staff.


2. WXIT Secured Double Victories in Epidemic Prevention and Control and Institute Development

WXIT party committee established a leading group and working group immediately to respond to the epidemic, formulated work plans, held 23 leading group work meetings, issued 8 school-wide prevention and control work notices and 34 prevention and control work briefs to ensure the safety of teachers and students. As one of the first 48 colleges and universities designated by the Ministry of Education to support Hubei universities, WXIT assisted Xianning Vocational and Technical College and established a comprehensive counterpart support cooperation relationship with Yili Silk Road Vocational College (under preparation). At the same time, WXIT has suspended offline classes and offer online courses. During the epidemic, the rate of course opening reached more than 90%, and about 95% of teachers carried out online teaching. A total of 9,106 undergraduate and junior college students participated in online learning. The average satisfaction rate of students with the teachers online teaching and lectures reached over 92%; the teachers satisfaction with the studentslearning status reached over 98%. WXIT was awarded the special prize, the first prize and the second prize of Wuxi City Teaching Achievement Award. Because of his active participation in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Huang Yang was rated as an outstanding member of the Provincial Communist Youth League, and four students Yang Changjiang, Bi Shiqiang, Yang Yuchun, and Wu Lesheng were rated as advanced individuals in the voluntary service of provincial college students in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.


3. CPC WXIT Committee Received Inspection from CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee

According to the deployment of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, the tenth inspection team of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee inspected the party committee of our institute from November 19, 2020 to January 8, 2021. Following the principle of “finding problems, exerting deterrence, promoting reform and development” and the four requirements on implementation for political inspections, the inspection conducted in-depth supervision and check from four aspects, namely finding out the real situation, fending off potential risks, finding problems and promoting development. The inspection attached importance to inspect and check the implementation of policies and major decisions on higher education by the CPC Central Committee and CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee. By doing so, the inspection aimed to find out hidden risks, corruption and misconducts in work style and other prominent issues in higher educational institute governance. Meanwhile, the CPC WXIT Committee conducted the third round of self-inspection to ensure strict intra-party governance by the WXIT party committee.


4. WXIT Awarded Demonstration Base of “One Institute One Brand” of National Vocational Education Institutes and Made Remarkable Achievements in Cultivating Students by All Faculty and Stuff in Full Cycle and in All Aspects

WXIT won the 2020 National Vocational College Campus Culture One School One Brand Demonstration Base, the Smart Craftsman Culture brand was selected as a One School One Brand, and 8 theses won awards in the Cultural Education high-end forum for national vocational colleges. Marxism School of WXIT was once again recognized as a model Marxist school in the province. WXIT was selected as the 2017-2019 Provincial Sports Characteristic Institute, the Provincial School Sports and Health Work Intervention and Monitoring School in the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The Students’ Mental Health Education Center was officially put into use. WXIT built a nine-in-one funding system of award, loan, assistance, parttime job, exemption, compensation, reduction, insurance, and compensation, and was awarded the excellent level in the performance evaluation of students’ financing system in Jiangsu in 2019. Wuxi Academician Hall was approved as Wuxi demonstration base for the popularization of social sciences. WXIT launched the work of the second batch of  Cultivating Students by All Faculty and Stuff in Full Cycle and in All Aspects reform as a pilot. The logistics mobile phone repair system was officially launched, and student dormitory micro-service stations were established. WXIT was awarded the first batch of digital campus construction model vocational colleges in China, and the first batch of smart campus models in Jiangsu.


5. Teachers Included in Provincial Talent Project Remarkable Achievements in Talent Cultivation

Professor Gong Fanghong was selected as a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in the province in 2020, 3 people were selected as the candidates of the Blue Project for all colleges and universities in Jiangsu in 2019, 1 team was selected as the provincial outstanding teaching team, 2 people were shortlisted in the pool of technique and skill masters of the Ministry of Education, 11 people were awarded the title of provincial assistant chief engineer in science and technology, and 10 people were evaluated as excellent level in the third-level candidates final assessment of the fifth session of 333 Project in 2019. Teacher Pang Jun won the first prize in the final of the Provincial Counselor Quality and Ability Competition, and Teacher Zhou Xunxun won the finalist award of the 2019 Jiangsu University Counselor of the Year.


6. “Eyas for Farmers” Team Won First Prize in China International “Internet+” University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On September 3, Li Wa, the streamer of our school's  Eyas for Farmers team, won the first prize in the Youth Red Dream Building Journey E-commerce Live Streaming Grand Final of the 6th China International “Internet+” University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The students won the first prize and the second prize of the National University Robotics Competition, and the first prize of the China University Intelligent Robot Innovation Competition. Our students won 2 second prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and 10 first prizes in the Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition. Besides, WXIT students won 3 first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 1 third prize in the Provincial Undergraduate Physics and Experimental Innovation Competition, 10 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 13 third prizes in the undergraduate group of the Provincial Higher Mathematics Competition. There were 13 first prizes, 19 second prizes, and 24 third prizes in the junior college group. Our students won 1 first prize in the undergraduate group and 1 first prize in the junior college group in the provincial electronic design competition. Students won the second prize of Global Network Track in the Global Final of Huawei ICT Competition.


7. WXIT Signed Single Unit Technology Development Contract Exceeding RMB 12 Million for the First Time WXIT Approved as a Provincial Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Science for the First Time

Three ten-million-level research institutes of WXIT successfully completed scientific research tasks, with paid-in scientific research fund reaching RMB 23 million. The contract value of single unit technology development projects exceeded RMB 12 million, and the registered technology contract amount reviewed and confirmed by the technical contract registration center exceeded RMB 10 billion. In the whole year, 535 patents were granted, including 22 invention patents. WXIT was awarded the advanced unit of intellectual property rights in Jiangsu for the first time. In October, the Gaoyou branch of the Intelligent Manufacturing Center was established. In November, it undertook 11 provincial industry-university-research projects, ranking first among similar institutions in the province. The Research Base for Vocational Education of Rural Migrant Labor Force led by Professor Zhou Guijin was approved for the first time as a key research base for philosophy and social sciences among all colleges and universities in the province. WXIT successfully undertook 1 project from the Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education and 2 projects from the Provincial Social Science Fund. WXIT won the Wuxi Industry Contribution Service Award again.


8. WXIT Included in the First Batch of National Demonstration Vocational Education Groups

The Machinery Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Vocational Education Group of WXIT was awarded the first batch of national demonstration vocational education groups. WXIT was elected as the Secretary-General unit of the Provincial Machinery Vocational Education Industry Steering Committee and the Secretary-General unit of the Intelligent Transportation Technology Professional Committee of the Provincial Transportation Vocational and Technical Education Industry Steering Committee. WXIT was selected as a pilot unit of the Jiangsu Industrial Worker Team Construction Reform Project in the New Era, and the training covered 100,000 man-day. It took the lead in establishing the Wuxi 1+X Certificate System Pilot Alliance.


9. WXIT Won the Golden Award in Applied Research and Innovation Category of the Excellent Award of WFCP 2020

WXIT won the Gold Award in the Applied Research and Innovation category of the Excellence Award of World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) 2020; it was again selected as the China-ASEAN Higher Vocational College Special Cooperation Project; it was awarded the Advanced Unit for Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts Management of Jiangsu for three consecutive years; it was awarded for the third time as Jiangsu Advanced Unit for International Student Education in China and awarded the first batch of advanced unit for the construction of Wuxi International Friendship School.

10. WXIT Became the Leading Unit of Vocational Education Party Building Alliance in the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou Metropolitan Area

According to the Opinions on Promoting the Reform and Innovation of Vocational Education in Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou Metropolitan Areas to Create a Model of High-quality Development issued by the Ministry of Education and the of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, WXIT has become the leading unit of the Vocational Education Party Building Alliance in the Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou Metropolitan Area. The first party branch of the National Model Branch, School of Mechanical Engineering, took the lead in forming the school-enterprise party building alliance. At present, 4 enterprises of different natures including wholly foreign-owned enterprises and private listed companies have participated in the construction. WXIT joined the Science and Innovation of Wuxi party building alliance. The Youth Workshop of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era was selected as one of the top ten college student associations in Wuxi, Lixi Painting Society was awarded as a outstanding student association in Wuxi, and the Science and Technology Association was rated as the Wuxi Five-star University Association for Science and Technology. The Zhigong Party Wuxi Vocational College branch was formally established, and it is the sixth primary level organization directly affiliated to non-communist parties established by WXIT.

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