WXIT Rated as a Model Institute of Deepening the Educational Reform in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province

Top 10 Events of WXIT in 2017

1. WXIT Rated as a Model Institute of Deepening the Educational Reform in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province
New progress has been made in deepening the educational reform on innovation and entrepreneurship. In May, WXIT was rated as a Model Institute of Deepening the Educational Reform in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province; in September, the institute established the Kaiyuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship School; in October, a total of 19 works from WXIT were awarded in the 12th National Higher Vocational College Invention Cup College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, including 6 first prizes and 7 second prizes. Our institute also won the Excellent Organization Award and the title of National Higher Vocational College Innovation and Invention Education Base.


2. WXIT Won the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award

In September, the Research and Practice of Cross-Front, Cross-Border and Cross-Field System Development of High-quality Curriculum Resources of Higher Vocational Colleges undertaken by Professor Dai Yong won the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award, and another 4 projects won the second prize, the number of awards ranked among the forefront of higher vocational colleges Jiangsu. On November 27th, Miao Ying, Xiao Jianzhong, and Xue Qinghong, teachers of WXIT won the first prizes in the 2017 National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Competition.


3. WXIT Shortlisted on the Top 50 Higher Vocational Colleges in China for International Influence

On July 15, WXIT was rated as one of the top 50 internationally influential vocational colleges in China. In recent years, our school has established friendly cooperative relations with nearly 100 colleges and universities in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Seven China-foreign cooperatively-run education projects have been initiated with our partners in the United States, Denmark, Australia, Japan and other countries, the number of which ranks the first among higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. Since 2014, our institute has enrolled more than 700 foreign students from more than 50 countries, ranking first in the higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu. WXIT has also co-trained undergraduates and postgraduates with Indonesia's Mohammed University, Trishakdi Education Group, and Management and Science University of Malaysia, realizing full coverage of junior college, undergraduate and postgraduate education for foreign students in higher vocational college.

4. High-level Talents Including the Craftsman of the Country Gu Qiuliang Were Introduced into WXIT

WXIT made remarkable achievements in talent introduction and clutivation. In 2017, the institute introduced Gu Qiuliang, the chief assembler of the Jiaolong submersible of China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSC) and the Craftsman of the Country as the skill masters of our school, and set up the Gu Qiuliang Master Studio. We organized young teachers to learn his skills, enable students from the innovation class to practice benchwork under his guidance and inherit craftsmanship spirit; We actively implement the 26 New Talent Policies, introduce and cultivate more than 20 PhDs, reaching a record high; earnestly implement the selection and appointment of the first batch of industry professors, and 4 teachers were awarded the titles of industry professors.

5. WXIT Registered Remarkable Progress in Scientific Research, Projects Gained Approval from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China and the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education.

In 2017, 1 project from WXIT gained approval from National Natural Science Foundation, 1 from National Social Science Foundation, and 3 from Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education. 1 project of WXIT was approved as the key project of the Ministry of Education in the National Education Science Planning, and 2 gained approval from the Jiangsu Social Science Foundation, the number of projects approved ranked forefront among all higher vocational colleges in China; more than 170 papers have been published in core journals, and WXIT has entered into the first phalanx of higher vocational colleges in the country. The number of patent authorizations in the school exceeded 350, of which more than 30 were invention patents, 6 of them were applied for PCT, and 6 were obtained, and our institute was awarded the title of Wuxi City Patent Tycoon. The funds received for scientific research exceeded 16 million yuan, of which the smart warehousing mobile logistics project based on the industrial Internet platform designed and developed for Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd., amounted to 4.61 million yuan, marking /a record high.

6. WXIT Students Won Three First Prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition

WXIT student teams participated in various high-level competitions and won awards.  In 2017, our students won the first prizes in the digital design and manufacturing of industrial products, the application of industrial robot technology, and the development of mobile Internet application software competitions in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. Our students also won one special prize and one first prize the Challenge Cup Jiangsu Province University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition; 2 first prizes in the undergraduate group of non-science major advanced mathematics competition of Jiangsu higher education institutes and 3 first prizes in the junior college group; 1 provincial second prizes in the undergraduate group of the National University Mathematical Modeling Competition, 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes in the junior college group; 1 second prizes in the undergraduate group of the National University Students Electronic Design Competition, and 1 first prize in the undergraduate group of the provincial competition; 1 first prize in the Natural Science Knowledge Competition for Liberal Arts Students of Jiangsu Province, and 4 first prizes for Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding Graduation Design (Thesis), and 3 Outstanding Graduation Design Teams; the first prize in Dance and Art Research Thesis of Jiangsu Provincial University Students Art Performance.


7. WXIT's Numerical Control Technology and Electrical Automation Technology Majors Selected As Demonstration Majors For Equipment Manufacturing Majors of Vocational Colleges in China
Discipline building of WXIT has reached a new level. CNC technology and electrical automation technology majors were selected as demonstration sites for equipment manufacturing among vocational colleges in China; CNC technology and Internet of Things technology majors passed mid-term examination of the provincial majors; material molding and control technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, and electrical automation technology, software technology and marketing majors were selected as high-level backbone discipline building projects for higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province; Marketing major was selected as Wuxi Vocational Education Modern Brand Major, and Business English was selected as Wuxi Vocational Education Modernization Discipline.

8. Steady Improvement in the Quality and Quantity of Students Enrollment
In the face of severe enrollment situation and fierce competition in higher vocational colleges this year, WXIT has maintained a good score of enrolling more than 4,400 freshmen in undergraduate and junior colleges, including 231 undergraduates and more than 4,200 junior college students. The quality of students has been steadily improved and the number hit a record high.


  1. WXIT Established China-ASEAN Teacher Training and Development Center and other Institutions and New Achievement Made in Serving the Belt and Road Initiative
    On May 10th, WXIT signed a cooperation agreement with the Management and Science University of Malaysia (MSU) to establish a Chinese language center in Malaysia to teach Chinese as a foreign language and promote Chinese culture. On September 8, our institute and Laos Sengsavanh Education Group signed an agreement for overseas branch school and a cooperative school-running agreement, according to which both sides will jointly cultivate professional talents in logistics management and computer network technology. On November 30, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education organized the SEAMEO VOCTECH and our institute jointly established the China-ASEAN Teacher Training and Development Center. On December 4th, WXIT-Ninglang (Thailand) Corporation Talent Training Base was established in Thailand. This is the first time that our school established a talent training base overseas and provide talent and technical support for overseas Chinese-funded enterprises.

    10. WXIT Established the First Social Science Union Among Higher Vocational Colleges Administered by Jiangsu Department of Education
    On December 2nd, the Philosophy and Social Sciences Association of WXIT was established and became the first group member of higher vocational college of the Provincial Social Sciences Association. Xu Zhishun, vice chairman of the Provincial Association of Social Sciences, attended the meeting and announced the approval of the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences to establish the WXIT Philosophy and Social Sciences Association. The first board meeting of the reviewed and approved the WXIT Philosophy and Social Sciences Association Charter, and elected the first chairman, executive vice chairman, secretary general, executive director and announced the directors’ list , Zhu Aisheng, party secretary of WXIT, was elected as the first chairman of the Association.

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