WXIT Gained Approval for the National 13th Five-Year Plan Industry-Education Integrated Development Project

Top 10 Events of WXIT in 2016


1.WXIT Gained Approval for the National 13th Five-Year Plan Industry-Education Integrated Development Project

The National Development and Reform Commission decided to start the application for the national 13th Five-Year industry-education integrated development project in 2016. With the support of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, WXIT, together with FAWDE, Weifu Group, etc., jointly applied for the Wuxi Intelligent Manufacturing Public Training Base project, which mainly involved the building of electromechanical craftsman cultivation center, the intelligent manufacturing technology training center, the electromechanical industry international cooperation training center, the intelligent manufacturing technology innovation and service center. It is committed to improving the quality of professional talent training and boosting manufacturing transformation and upgrading. The total investment volume of the project is 125 million yuan, and it is expected to receive about 50 million yuan from the central government, making it the project that received the most state financial support of our institute.


2.Graduation of the First Class of Undergraduate Students from WXIT
Approved by the Provincial Department of Education, 106 vocational undergraduate students, jointly cultivated by WXIT and Jiangsu University, were graduated with degrees from Internet of Things Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing on June 26 after four years of study as the first batch of graduates. Among them, 102 have obtained degree certificates, 15 have obtained master's degrees, and 36 have won various awards at the provincial level and above. As of December, the employment rate has reached 98.11%. Since 2012, our institute has opened six higher vocational undergraduate majors: Internet of Things Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Marketing, Mechatronic Engineering, and Software Engineering. There are currently 930 vocational undergraduate students in the institute.


3.WXIT Ranked among the Top 50 of National Higher Vocational Institutes for Service Contribution and Top 50 of Higher Vocational Institutes Models for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

From October 28 to 29, WXIT was rated as one of the Top 50 of National Higher Vocational Institutes for Service Contribution. From December 16 to 17, WXIT was rated as one of the Top 50 of Higher Vocational Institutes Models for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In 2016, our institute participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and won the first prizes in 4 competitions, one of which was the first in the country, and the quantity and quality reached a new high; Participants from WXIT won 1 first prize in the prototype production competition in the selection of national mechanical industry of the World Skills Competition; 2 projects were listed into the exhibition of innovation and entrepreneurship works of university students of national higher vocational college, and were rated as outstanding works. Meanwhile, we won 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 7 third prizes in the provincial innovation and entrepreneurship competition, 2 first prizes in the undergraduate group in the provincial university students electronics design competition, 2 first prizes in the undergraduate group and 3 first prizes in the junior college group of the advanced mathematics competition of non-science majors of Jiangsu universities, 2 first prizes in provincial outstanding graduation design and 2 team awards. There are 22 entrepreneurial teams settled in the University Entrepreneurship Street, with a total of more than 100 students, and more than 40 enterprises have settled in the University Student Entrepreneurship Park on the Zhongqiao Campus.


4.WXIT Receives Special Inspection of the 9th Inspection Team of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee

According to the unified deployment of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, the ninth inspection team of the provincial party committee conducted a special inspection of the party committee of WXIT from June 6 to July 6. The school party committee carefully compared the feedback from the inspection team, sorted out and detailed 24 rectification missions, and formulated 91 specific measures to ensure implementation. By December, all rectification missions have been basically completed, and 25 rules and regulations have been revised and improved, and WXIT newly formulated six rules and regulations to promote the work of the institute.


5.WXIT Listed in the First Batch of National Pilot Institutes for Teaching Improvement
According to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Establishing a Diagnosis and Improvement System for Teaching in Vocational Colleges, WXIT was listed as one of the first 27 pilot colleges in the country. At present, the institute has completed the internal quality assurance system planning, formulated the teaching diagnosis and improvement work plan, and initiated the first round of internal self-diagnosis work.


6.WXIT Obtained Provincial Honors Including Jiangsu Model Unit for Civility
On October 11th, our school was awarded the title of Jiangsu Model Unit for Civility. Since 2013, WXIT has steadily cultivated and practiced the core values of socialism, carried out moral lectures, a selection of representative figures of good deeds and various forms of volunteer service activities, vigorously promoted virtue and civility. In addition, on the eve of the May 4th Youth Day, the CPC Youth League Committee of the institute was awarded the title of May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee of Jiangsu Province by the Provincial Committee of the Youth League, marking the  Communist Youth League work of the institute among the forefront of the province. On December 2nd, our institute was once again awarded the title of Advanced Collective of Information Construction of Higher Education Institutions in Jiangsu Province by the Jiangsu Provincial College Network Technology Professional Committee. This is also the third consecutive year for our institute to win the honor.


7.Breakthroughs in Scientific and Technological Research in WXIT

In 2016, 1 project of WXIT successfully applied for the National Social Science Foundation for the first time, one project was listed as the key project under the Ministry of Education, 7 were registered as provincial projects, the level and quantity ranked among the top in higher vocational colleges. WXIT applied over 400 patents and more than 300 authorizations (in which student application was 103 pieces and 59 gained approval). There were 5 PCT applications and 3 applications gained approval. 20 patent transfer and licensing were completed throughout the year; WXIT took the lead in applying for national standard formulation for the first time and gained approval, led and formulated 3 national standards, 3 industry standards and 3 industry standards have been promulgated and implemented; WXIT won 1 second prize of provincial social science application and research for its scientific and technological achievements, 1 second prize of provincial university education science research and 1 third prize for social science, 1 provincial educational science outstanding achievement award, 2 provincial university science and technology progress awards, and 1 scientific research achievement passed the appraisal of the China Light Industry Council. WXIT also won honorary titles such as Excellent Science Association of Colleges in Jiangsu Province.


8.Series of Activities of the Classroom Teaching Quality Year Carried Out Smoothly
WXIT designated 2016 as the Classroom Teaching Quality Year, since then, it has invited experts of the institute and from other colleges to give more than 10 special lectures on disciplines and courses, invited outstanding teachers to present more than 10 demonstration classes, and selected 10 favorite teachers by students. 13 new teachers have undergone induction training, and more than 30 activities of “opening doors to listen to lectures” have been carried out, which effectively strengthened the building of teaching ethics and atmosphere of learning. At the same time, it implemented online reporting of the teaching materials during the teaching operation process, and realizes big data statistics and analysis of the core diagnosis and reform results in various teaching procedures; strictly implemented the English proficiency test specifications, and was awarded the National College English Test Band 4-6 Excellent Test Site and the title of Excellent Test Site for College English Application Proficiency Test.


9.Huafei Aviation Academy Established

On January 5th, WXIT cooperated with Huafei Aviation Development Group (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. to establish Huafei Aviation Academy, which became our institute’s first academy named after an enterprise. WXIT and the enterprise work closely in personnel training, student enrollment and employment, training base construction, technology development, etc.. The rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties have been determined in the form of agreement, which has created a new model of school-enterprise cooperation in our institute. The two majors of Helicopter Driving Technology and Flight Attendance offered by Huafei Aviation Academy have been approved by the superior authorities, and have finished the application, building, and enrollment of the year. This marks our entry into the aviation industry and expands the professional coverage of our institute.


10.Wang Kang Shortlisted in the Top 200 National College Students of the Year
Wang Kang, student of the class of 2013 majoring in CNC equipment application and maintenance of the School of Mechanical Technology, recommended by our school, was shortlisted in the 11th Top 200 Chinese College Students of the Year on April 29, and won the nomination award of Jiangsu Province College Student of the Year. Student Wang Kang applied for 16 patents during his academic study in WXIT, presided over or participated in the 7 provincial and school-level innovation projects, and participated in the 10th National Higher Vocational College Invention Cup College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won 2 first prizes , 1 second prize, and 3 third prizes.

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