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Introduction - Overview of Chinese Culture

Course Introduction

Overview of Chinese Culture offers International students the opportunity to explore the culture, folk customs and values of China as embodied in the history, literature, politics, art, and other enduring forms of cultural expression in English. This course offered International students culture experience activities inlcuding city tour, ceramic art, calligraphy, and paper cutting. The course is composed of 10 chapters to encourage students to  confront with aspects of Chinese and local culture both in theory and practice. It is a comprehensive course designed to be open and flexible for International students studying in China.


Chapter One -History and Geography

Chapter Six -Charms of Clothing and Handicrafts

Lesson One -Overview of History

Lesson Two -Overview of Geography

Lesson Eleven -Traditional Clothing

Lesson Twelve -Art Craft

Chapter Two -literature and FestivalsChapter Seven -Network and Modern Life

Lesson Three -Literature Works

Lesson Four -Traditional Festivals

Lesson Thirteen -Network Social Platform

Lesson Fourteen -Modern Life Styles

Chapter Three -ArtsChapter Eight -Ancient and Modern Education

Lesson Five -Calligraphy and Painting

Lesson Six -Music and Opera

Lesson Fifteen -Ancient Chinese Education

Lesson Sixteen -Contemporary Educational

Chapter Four -Natural and Humanity LandscapeChapter Nine -Historical and Modern International Exchanges

Lesson Seven -Natural Landscape

Lesson Eight -Humanity Landscape

Lesson Seventeen -Historical Cultural Exchanges

Lesson Eighteen -Modern Cultural Exchanges

Chapter Five -Culinary Culture

Lesson Nine -Culinary Culture

Lesson Ten -Dinning Etiquette

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