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A Bulletin of Glad Tidings: International Student from WXIT Won the Excellence Prize in the Singing Competition of Chinese Songs by Foreigners in Jiangsu

From May 7th to 8th, 2021, the final and awards concert of Sing for Friendship - Singing Competition of Chinese Songs by Foreigners in Jiangsu was held in Nanjing Jiangsu Art Theater. The event attracted a total of 162 music talents from 54 countries to sign up for the competition, including professionals, employees of foreign companies, foreign teachers and international students. After the preliminary and final competitions, 21 award-winning works finally stood out from the 100 entries.


During the competition, Gloria, an international student of WXIT from Burundi, sang the traditional folk song Love Song of Kangding, a representative traditional folk song in Kangding, Sichuan. Gloria's passionate and energetic performance quickly ignited the atmosphere of the scene. With affectionate voice and superb performance, she expressed her love for China, Chinese culture and the people in Jiangsu, and won the applause from the judges and audiences. After fierce competition, the Love Song of Kangding program finally won the Excellence Prize.


The education for international students in WXIT has entered a new stage of high-quality development. While steadily expanding the scale of international students, WXIT will further improve the quality of international students’ cultivation, tap the potential of superior majors, strive to build an international education brand and make greater contributions to the construction of High-level Higher Vocational Institutes.

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