WXIT held Opening Ceremony for International Students

On october 13th 2015, WXIT held opening ceremony for the second batch of International students at Auditorium of International exchange Participant included the President, Mr. Gong Fanghong, Vice President Mr. Fengyuan, Officers from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASAN) Mr. AB Susanto as well as all of the international students.


This ceremony was hosted by the Vice President Mr. Fengyuan. First, he introduced the general information of WXIT for International students. After that, the officer from ASAN Mr. AB Susanto came up with two aspects of expectations for International students. First, it is necessary for International students to abide by school rules and Chinese regulations. Second, all the students should work hard on chinese language and profession in WXIT.


WXIT Chinese teacher representative Hu xun encouraged International students to ahve more talks and discussions with Chinese teachers and students who are willing to help them adapt to the new environment soon. Then, the new student representative Hami Shen expressed his first impression about the school's structure and facilities. He also added that WXIT provides a good education for overseas students; therefore students must cherish the opportunity and study hard. Lastly, the first batch of international students who got excellent score in HSK level 4 were awared the scholarship from the President Mr. Gong Fanghong. The opening ceremony went in an order and active way.


Opening Ceremony Site

WXIT President Mr. Gong Fanghong

WXIT Vice President Mr. Fengyuan

 Representative Teacher Huxun

Indonesia Student Representative Hami

International Students Group Photo

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