Cooperative Program Introduction
Sino - US Cooperation
Two Parties in the Cooperation

Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT), China

Fox Valley Technical College, USA

Cooperation Model


Cooperation Specialization

Electrical Automation Technology

The cooperation between Wuxi Institute of Technology and Fox Valley Technical College offers a three-year program in Electrical automation technology. Both parties jointly design the training program. The length of the program is 3 years with all the instructions delivered at Wuxi Institute of Technology.

Students entering this program must fulfill the following requirements: obtain qualifying scores for entry into Wuxi Institute of Technology on the national entrance exam of the People Republic of China. After registering at Wuxi Institute of Technology, students may become registered as students at Fox Valley Technical College. After completing all courses in the jointly designed training plan, Wuxi Institute of Technology will issue a diploma while Fox Valley Technical College will issue a diploma within the same field of study. If student cannot complete all course work, Wuxi Institute of Technology will arrange for students to proceed according to related scholastic registry regulations; Fox Valley Technical College will provide a certificate or proof of study for the corresponding courses completed.



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