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2020 Online Graduation Ceremony for International Students was Hold Successfully

On June 15th, WXIT has held an online graduation ceremony for international graduates. Every international student who completes bachelor degree, diploma and certificate program has the option to attend a graduation ceremony outside China. WXIT President, teachers, and 88 international graduates with their parents attended this graduation ceremony through network.

Due to the limitation of pandemic, teachers of WXIT could not send face to face blessings to international students. WXIT held the online graduation ceremony for graduates who have been back to their countries. WXIT President Gong Fanghong, on behalf of teachers, send the best wishes to 2020 international graduates far from China. The chairman of Indonesia Trisakti school Mr. Bimo also made a speech online encouraging students to be positive in any difficult situation.

Among 2020 international graduates, 14 students have been admitted to bachelor programs in Nan Jing University of Information Science and Technology and Chang Zhou University. 32 students have job offers in Chinese companies. Foreign institutions who have cooperated with WXIT have highly recognized the achievements for international education of WXIT. The cultivation of talents offered by WXIT is highly compatible with the demand of overseas market.

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