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WXIT was awarded with “Advanced Group of International Students Education and Management”.

On 26th December, 2019 Annual Conference of Jiangsu Province International Students Education and Management Committee was held in Nan Jing. The conference was hosted by the director of International office of Jiangsu Province He Xingchu, representatives from Jiangsu Provincial Government including Deputy director of Jiangsu provincial government Wang Chengbin, leader of Jiangsu provincial department of public security Zhao Jian sheng, and director of International office in Jiangsu province He Xingchu.

In this conference, the awards forAdvanced Group of International Students EducationandAdvanced Individual of International Student Educationwere announced. WXIT has won the advance group again. Among all the speeches, Xiong Ying, the director of school of International education in WXIT, delivered a speech entitled International Student Management Model Based on the Belt and Road. She pointed out that it was the common responsibility of Chinese colleges to enhance mutual understanding and mutual friendship in International education. It was hoped to rely on the resources and advantages of the college to exchange resources, and to build WXIT into an International college, making it become the pioneers who jointly train the International students in language and professional study.

The foreign affairs person and scholars of the conference held in-depth discussions on the theme ofthe practice and thinking of International students education and management.In the context of global integration, education innovation and International personnel training have become an important part of the country's soft power. This forum brings together the wisdom collision of global college experts, which will play a positive and inspiring role for future-oriented education. WXIT will continue to improve International students education and management based on the belt and road.

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