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Delegation from Ministry of Education Investigated on International Student Education in WXIT

On September 27th, the delegation from China’s Ministry of Education visited WXIT and investigated on the International students education in WXIT. WXIT school of International education, Staff from academic affairs, and related teachers attached the great importance to this investigation and fully cooperated with delegates.

 On behalf of the WXIT, Vice president Professor Zhou Gui jin welcomed the delegation group, made an introduction of WXIT and emphasized the  development of International students education. Taking this opportunity, the leader of delegation group Professor Guo Feng lin conveyed the spirit of International Education from China’s ministry of education and explained the requirements of inspection.

 Firstly, WXIT school of International education made the work report of International students, helped with document and equipment inspection, and led delegation group to classrooms and dormitories. The director of school of International education also introduced the scholarship and management system as well as students activities. Besides, International student interview was arranged in this inspection for providing more object and general information.

 Through this investigation, delegation group spoke highly of the scholarship and management system, variety of student activity, and daily teaching for International student in WXIT and pointed out a couple of issues we need to strengthen in. WXIT will continue effort on the International student education supporting projects of the belt and road.

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