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WXIT Student Summer Exchanging Program was completed successfully

For enhancing cultural exchanges, 35 students are selected as the WXIT student delegation group to have a short-term aboard-learning experience in Singapore National University, Thailand Krirk University, and Korean Silla University. This short-term program helps students to feel and value diversity by enriching various cultural knowledge.

In Korean Silla University, the director of International department Mrs.Li welcomed delegates of WXIT and arranged a series of language and cultural courses for students who are interested in making Korean cuisine. In Singapore National University, WXIT students got started with Bioscience and Biomedical research on campus and experienced the diversified teaching. Students also visited the Singapore Merlin Park and national museum. In Thailand Krirk University, students learned more about the local customs such as dance, food and knitting.

This short-term exchanging program ended with experience sharing showed by students. According to their feedback, it is a very good opportunity to walk out, to study, and to live several days outside of China, not only is it physically rewarding but spiritually as well. Exchanging students hoped that there will be more and more students who can get involved in these projects and contribute a lot to the friendship of WXIT and other foreign universities.

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