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2019 Summer Program For International Students

For Celebrating the 70th anniversary of China, the International student program started in August for the purpose of experiencing Chinese culture, local custom, and development. WXIT International student group visited Xiao Lou Alley, National Supercomputer Center, and Wuxi Museum.

The first destination of this journey is Historic District- Xiao Lou Alley, which was located between modern buildings and concentrated the various aspects of city culture. Entering the room of ancient alley, students saw the traditional structure of architecture and ink wash paintings. In this atmosphere, students felt both the characterized traditional culture and the life of contemporary urbanite.

The second destination is Sunway-Taihu Light supercomputer center. The world's fastest computer is still China's Sunway TaihuLight, according to the latest TOP500 list. In the lobby of  supercomputer center, students have questions in mind, how fast is a supercomputer? and what are these machines built for? According to the presentation, Sunway TaihuLight's peak performance can reach a mind-blowing 125,000 teraflops, meaning it's 125,000 times more powerful than the best personal computer available at stores. The Taihulight will be used for civilian work such as manufacturing, life science and earth system modeling.

The final destination for students is Wuxi Museum-Chinese 70th Anniversary Exhibition, which includes innovation in different periods. Great Changes have taken place during the past 70 years and students have known that Chinese people have always been fighting for peace and development during the historical evolution.

In this journey, International students group were very excited to see the changes and development of China and were willing to be a facilitator to the friendship between China and aboard.

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