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Professor Wang Lu from Beijing Normal University Educational Research Center Visited WXIT
  发布时间: 2019-06-23 阅读次数: 10  

On June 19th, the research group from Ministry of education humanity and social science department as well as Doctoral Supervisor Professor Wang Lu from Beijing Normal University visited WXIT for the survey of International development of higher vocational education.

Director of school of International education professor Xiong Ying made an introduction of Internationalization of WXIT, and mainly discussed the necessity, development, and difficulties involved in the International cooperation. After that, delegates of research group communicated with WXIT language teacher who worked in Chinese language-learning center established in Malaysia. They have a deep communication related to the language training, curriculum, and teacher training program.

Professor Wang Lu thought WXIT attached great importance to International development and made achievements in International programs, educational output and input, and training projects. The new concept of International education of WXIT, as an advanced model, will drive the development of International education in higher vocational colleges in China.