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Graduation Ceremony for the first cohort of students in China-South Africa Joint Program
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On March 27th, Graduation ceremony for the first cohort of South-Africa students in China-South program was held in WXIT. WXIT President Professor Gong Fang hong, teachers from school of International education and school of Automation Control attended the ceremony.

In the graduation speech, WXIT President Professor Gong Fang hong congratulated on students who successfully completed their study in China. He also congratulated South-Africa students on the awards in Brics Skills Innovation Competition and 3D Printing and Robot Competition. Student delegate from South Africa program Nuo Li, speaking on the ceremony, expressed that South Africa students accepted assistance from Chinese teachers and friends during the learning time in China. After coming back home, students in China-South Africa program will be the tie to bind the relationship in different field of development between the two countries. WXIT President Gong Fanghong issued the certificate for each student in the program.

China-South Africa Joint Program is constructed by Chinese and South Africa ministry of education based on the cooperation alliance in the field of higher vocational education between China and South Africa. The two countries selected the high-quality training program to make the cooperation. WXIT, as the founder, is also the president unit in this cooperation alliance. In 2018, WXIT welcomed the first cohort of 25 South Africa students in the major of Photovoltaic technology; In 2019, WXIT welcomed the second cohort of 40 South Africa students, and WXIT provided the targeted training plans on and off campus. Serve for the belt and road initiative, WXIT will continue to make the external publicity of Chinese advanced vocational education.