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The President of Thailand Thaksin School Visited WXIT
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On 27th March, the president KAMOL CHUMCHAROEN of Thailand Thaksin School visited Wuxi Institute of Technology. WXIT President Professor Gong Fang hong received the delegation from Thailand Thaksin school.


WXIT President Gong Fang hong warmly welcomed the delegation from Thailand and introduced status of the cooperation with Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand. With the Belt and Road, WXIT is committed to strengthening the cooperation with Thailand schools and enterprises. President KAMOL CHUMCHAROEN appreciated with the hospitality from WXIT and spoke highly of the development of school-enterprise cooperation. He said that WXIT-Thaksin school will become the local educational brand  and serviced for 4.0 development strategy in Thailand. Delegates from both colleges discussed and agreed on the students recruitment, majors, and other specific details in the program. President KAMOL CHUMCHAROEN as well as delegates were also invited to the 2019 International Cherry Blossom Festival by Wuxi Government office of foreign affairs. Dance of Thailand students Thousand of Siam was the most amazing performance and welcomed by the audience.  


WXIT-Thailand Thaksin school was established in 2018 under the support of Rayong Government, and the school aims to develop the skilled talents who are good at cross-cultural communication. Relying on the training base of Thailand Ning Lang corporation and Chinese-funded enterprises, WXIT-Thaksin school contributed to the higher vocational education and encouraged the Chinese enterprises to go out and invest overseas.