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1. Targeted Candidates

WXIT welcomes the grouped students from international partner schools and colleges. 

2. Different Study Programs

1) Short-term Cultural Study Program

The activities for the program are aimed at teaching basic Chinese phonetics, fundamental daily Chinese and local culture experience. Elementary Chinese lessons will be taught in most mornings. Instructions of Chinese phonetics will be carried out in games and daily Chinese will be implemented with participation of some Chinese WXIT students. The contents of daily Chinese are useful expressions of greetings, phrases of time, date, numerals, money, and one’s own opinions. In addition, Short Term Chinese Programs can also be offered to meet specific need for group application. The program can last between one to four weeks. The language training is arranged in the morning for compulsory courses and selective courses or activities in the afternoon. Local trips or sightseeing are arranged at weekends. (Please see a tentative schedule for two-week program enclosed. )

Presentations: To provide general information about China, Wuxi, the Wu Culture, the economic development in Wuxi and the Region of Yangtze Delta and so on.

Sightseeing: To visit some local cultural and historic places in Wuxi and neighborhood.

Cultural Experience: To experience some Chinese traditions, cultures and even family life.

Cost for the programs (not including the cost for lodging, meals,transportation, local cultural trips and international flights): 

2) Long-term Chinese Study Program

Duration: 3 months, 12 weeks, 20 hours per week.

Chinese coursesThere are four levels of Chinese courses designed for different students: beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. The courses will provide instruction in all four language skills. Class will emphasize situational activities and performances.

There are several Electives offered for the students as wellChinese calligraphy and drawing, Tai-Chi, etc..

Certificate and Scholarship: A certificate will be issued to students who attend classes as required and pass the relevant exams. Excellent students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship, which can be used for tuition deduction for next semester.

Cost for the program: RMB 5,000 yuan per student (not including the cost for lodging, meals,transportation, local cultural trips and international flights).