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About WXIT
About WXIT  

Wuxi Institute of Technology

— A Great Homeland for Students; A Credible Partner for Enterprises


Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT), founded in March of 1959, is an independent and full-time public higher vocational institute, which was authorized by the National Education Ministry and is under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Education Office. WXIT is the first group of twenty-eight “National Higher Vocational Model Colleges”. In 2012, WXIT has been approved to offer four joint four-year educational programs by collaborating with Jiangsu University so as to train high-quality professional and technical talents at bachelor level.

WXIT, with two campuses of Zhongqiao Campus and Taihu Campus, is located near the beautiful Taihu Lake, and it occupies an area of 664,200 square meters. Currently it has about 12,000 full-time students living and studying on campus and has a faculty of more than 780. WXIT has set up 13 academic schools and sections offering about 40 programs ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, applied computer technology, to business administration, tourism, logistic management, etc.

WXIT focused on establishing the Double Qualification teaching groups. There are nearly 45 Professors, 100 Doctors, 3 national-level teaching teams, 4 national-level and provincial-level famous teachers, 1 expert enjoying State Council special allowance, two academicians Yang Shu zi and Yao Jian quan, and around 20 foreign teachers in WXIT. At present, WXIT has 58 majors related to mechanical engineering and emergent industries. WXIT also has 2 majors of experiments and reform, 4 National-Level majors, 2 majors with Central Finance-Subsidized, 2Provincial Brand majors and 3 National branding majors in Mechanical Industry. WXIT established 2 national-level teaching resource databases in Numerical Control Technique and Internet of Things. WXIT also owned 13 national-level excellent courses and 36 Planning National Materials. WXIT had won 2 national-teaching achievements and the other 10 prizes. WXIT also hosted academic journals Vocational Education in Manufacturing and WXIT Journal.

WXIT focused on developing Applied Talents and established practice bases with characteristics of function-multiple, open-minded, and opinion-shared. At present, WXIT has 2 national-level training bases, 8 professional training bases, and 5 provincial-level training bases. WXIT also has National Professional Assay Offices and Educational Center in Mechanical Education of Jiang su Province, etc. Based on them, WXIT has set up 63 professional skill appraisals, established more than 200 training bases outside the college and 90 Internship companies.

WXIT emphasized on improving students comprehensive quality. Since 2011, WXIT took the lead in constructing the cultural-quality educational system. WXIT has opened nearly hundred times of cultural-quality educational courses and more than 10 high-quality cultural educational courses; WXIT has established more than 20 educational practical bases for developing students professional and creative abilities. In the past 5 years, more than 800 students have won awards in various competitions above the provincial level. Among them, there are 16 first prizes and 15 second prizes in the national-level technical competition. WXIT has won 54 awards for college outstanding graduation design, of which 12 were first prizes. The number and the quality of prizes were ranked the first place among vocational colleges of Jiang su Province in consecutive years. Meanwhile, WXIT is committed to serve for students and established one-stop service center for students. Besides, WXIT has created a reasonable financial assistance system for students based on state-subsidized student loan. The employment rate of WXIT graduates remains above 98% and therefore WXIT has been awarded as Advanced Collective for Employment of Graduates in Jiang su for many years.

WXIT has been continuously forging ahead on the way of internationalization in the field of higher vocational education. WXIT has established friendly relationship with 100 universities from 40 countries, including the affiliate member of the American Association Community Colleges for International Development (CCID), China-Indonesia Research Center in Tourism and Hospitality Management, China-ASEAN Teacher Training Base. WXIT has 7 Joint-Education Programs with Australia, America, Denmark and Japan, two of them are listed as high-level demonstrative programs in Jiang Su Province. WXIT supported the development of “The Belt and Road” and recruited around 700 International students, which built the Brand program “Study in WXIT”. In addition, WXIT has joint-educational bachelor and graduate programs with University of Mohammed, Trishaq educational group, Sa Malinda National Institute of Technology and Malaysia Management and Science University (MSU). In the past, WXIT organized 80 student delegations to America, France, Denmark and Holland for Academic and cultural Exchange every year. In 2016, WXIT has the largest number among all the higher vocational colleges of Jiang Su Province, and has won the “Advanced Collectives of International Students Education”. Besides, WXIT has held International Conferences as follow: The Third Cross-Strait Presidents’ Conference in Higher Technical and Vocational Education, The Fourth International Academic Conference of Tourism and Hospitality. WXIT has been awarded as “Advanced College of International Exchange and Cooperation in Jiang Su Province”, and has been awarded as “the top 50 International Influence in National Colleges”.

 In recent years, the performance of WXIT has been recognized widely in society. WXIT has won National Advanced Collective in Vocational Education, National Advanced Collective in Educational System, National Civilized Unite in Mechanical Industry, Civilized Unite in Jiang su Province, Demonstrative Institution of Higher Education in Innovative Education, etc. 

In the new period of development, WXIT is committed to develop skilled talents in advanced manufacturing industry, to improve the ability of regional economic development, and to implement the strategy of Building on Quality and Enhancing with Talents. WXIT will be constructed as a College with Domestic-Top,  International-Recognized, and Characteristics-Distinctive.